Verdun Battlefield, France – II

When I stopped at Fort Douaumont, the fort was closed. Although the Verdun tourism website stated that it was open in December, the sign on the entrance said it was closed throughout December. I’ve been to the fort many times, but I wanted to take some good photos. For my War Graves project, I also wanted to take a picture of the burial site of 679 German soldiers inside the fortress. In May 1916, when the Germans served as occupants of the Fort Douaumont, a careless fire got too close to the ammunition and flamethrower fuel storage. Because the corpses couldn’t be buried outside, a casemate served as the burial site, which was walled off from the rest of the fort.


There are photos of Fort Douaumont from before or shortly after the beginning of the battle. It helps to understand how bad the artillery hit the fortress.


A path on top of the fortress which leads to a turret.


The front side of the fort. It’s easy to see why they picked this spot to erect the Fort Douaumont.



Photo from the same position as above. I used the iPhone 6s to create this panorama. Edited with Snapseed and Darkroom.


Looking at the north-eastern corner of the fortress. You can clearly see the ditch that surrounded the fort.
Part of the gorge of Fort Douaumont.
Defense on the east of the fortress.
The turret from photo #2.
Remains of the battle.


Nikon D5300
Nikon DX VR AF-P NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
iPhone 6s


Adobe Lightroom CC

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