Reichstag, Berlin – II

Here are some more photos of the Reichstag building in Berlin. In my previous post, I wrote a little bit about the Reichstag’s history. This time, it will be about my visit.

When we booked our train ride from Düsseldorf to Berlin, we only had a weekend. We left Friday around noon and arrived in the evening. Sunday, we had to leave at noon to be back home in the evening. This left us with one day to explore Berlin. Of course, the Reichstag was one of the places we wanted and had to see. Through a friend, we found out that the easiest way to get into the Reichstag is with a reservation at the restaurant ‘Käfer’, which is located on the roof of the Reichstag building. It’s possible to just register for a guided tour, too, but I heard it’s better to register two weeks in advance for this option. So, we reserved a table Monday afternoon, heard back Tuesday, and had to send some personal information (name, date of birth, birthplace). They will forward that to the police so they can do a little background check.

At the Reichstag, you will have to go through a small security check. One person will take a look at your ID; then you’ll walk through security comparable to airport security (without the full body scanner and you can leave your shoes on). A guide will walk a group of people to the Reichstag and take an elevator upstairs. We went straight to the restaurant, had some coffee and cake (it wasn’t as expensive as I expected), hiked up to the dome, and around the roof. The dome is amazing. Inside the dome, visitors can read a lot of information about the Reichstag and its history. Take your time; nobody will chase you out. The staff is polite and friendly. I stopped to take a photo inside the lobby while the whole group left the building and nobody cared or asked me to hurry up.

I highly recommend visiting the Reichstag. It’s a place well-known thanks to history books but standing on the roof of this building is something completely different. Even if you’re not interested in history, the dome itself is worth the visit.

More from the dome. Notice the sun shield on the right side. It automatically blocks the sun.
A look at the debating chamber.
The double-helix of the Reichstag dome.
On the roof. The glass box on the left is the ‘Käfer’ restaurant … or the roof lobby.
In the northern halation, letters say ‘DER BEVÖLKERUNG’. Above the entrance, an inscription says ‘For the German people’. Here it says ‘For the population’. It was made in 2000 by artist Hans Haacke.
From the Reichstag roof, visitors have a nice view at the Kanzleramt, the chancellery.
The lobby of the Reichstag building has a huge banner in the German colors – Black, red, and gold.
Here you can see different labels above the doors to the debating chamber. It’s part of a voting process we call ‘Hammelsprung’. In English, it’s the division. Members of the parliament choose one of three different doors (another door says ‘Enthaltung’) and enter the chamber.
Outside of the Reichstag, at the security, you’ll find the memorial for the murdered members of the Reichstag. Most names were KPD or SPD members.
The entrance of the Reichstag. The inscription ‘DEM DEUTSCHEN VOLKE’ was added in 1916.


Nikon D5300
Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G


Adobe Lightroom CC

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