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Portland, Maine, USA

These photos are from a walk in Portland, ME, one day before we took the ferry to Peaks Island. While watching the boats and ships, we noticed crazy fog hovering towards the beach, and we waited until we were in it. All photos came from the iPhone 6s with editing from the Blackie and Snapseed app.
When it comes to black and white photos, these two apps are all I need. If I know I want a motive in black in white, I’ll take the photo with Blackie. Otherwise, I use the native camera function and edit the photo with Snapseed. If I can’t get it done with Snapseed, I switch to Blackie and play around with the filters. The downside is that I have to play around with Blackie.

Peaks Island, Maine, USA

I shot all of these photos on September 9, 2016, when my wife and I were in Portland, ME. I used an iPhone 6s, and I edited the photos with Snapseed.